Leading North American manufacturer of high industrial quality gas springs.

A Few Words About Us

High Quality Industrial Gas Springs, built in-house.

We're a Canadian based family owned and operated business that manufactures gas spring and damper products to the highest standards.

Located in the beautiful Okanagan Valley British Columbia Canada and within short distance of Kelowna International Airport we offer domestic and international clients the perfect solution for their shipping needs. Overnight, Express, Standard, Truck or standard mail prepaid by us or using your account we meet all your requirements.

Gemini Gas Springs Inc. is a Canadian based family owned and operated business with over 25 years experience and leading North American manufacturer of high industrial quality gas springs. In addition to supplying clients in Canada, the United States, Central and South America we export to many other countries. We design and engineer in-house the perfect gas spring solution for your application in automotive, furniture, health care, heavy equipment, agriculture equipment, marine, office equipment and construction. With Gemini Gas Springs you will find the perfect partner for products that are truly manufactured in North America.

Our Mission

Produce Quality Products

Gemini Gas Springs™ are manufactured according to the latest standards and procedures. Our implemented certified quality management system ISO9001:2015 includes a constant monitoring of production processes and 100% traceability in order to assure our customers a product of high industrial quality that meets the stringent requirements.

Our Vision

Environmental Responsibility

At Gemini Gas Springs Inc. we take our environmental responsibility seriously. We have implemented a waste management system in order to minimize our environmental foot print wherever it is possible, all waste generated during production process is recycled at designated facilities. We are committed to create for our employees a healthy and safe work environment, safe machinery and equipment and providing instructions and training.

  • Mission

  • Vision

Our vision and mission

The pay-off from all the hard work.

Our greatest strength is our compassionate and dedicated people who know what customers expect from us. Short lead times, highest level of competence, flexibility, technical support, problem solving, decent communication, cost-savings and truly North American manufactured hassle-free high-quality products.

Over 25 years experience & knowledge of high industrial quality gas springs.

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