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Gas Compression Springs

Gas Compression Springs 4 12
Rod D1Ø 4MM 0.16"
Cylinder D2Ø 12MM 0.47"

Stroke lengths (S): 10-150MM 0.39" - 5.91"
Extended length EL1: Stroke (S)*2 +30MM 1.18" shortest possible
Extended length EL2: Stroke (S)*2 +30MM + connecting parts

Force (F1) range: 7-200N 1.57-45Lbs

Rod: QPQ
Cylinder: Black

Damping: Normal
Speed: Normal
Working temperature: -30°C +80°C -22°F +176°F
Progression ( approx.): 21%

Part # 104 Threaded ends M4x0.70
Part # 104 Threaded end part # 104 L:4MM 0.157"
Extended length (EL): Stroke (S)*2 +30MM/1.18" ( shortest possible )

Part # 114 Eye ends E4
Part # 114 Part # 114 eye end A:M4x0.70
B: Ø4.1
C: 8MM
D: 12MM
E: 3MM

Extended length (EL2): Stroke (S)*2 +54MM/2.13" ( shortest possible )

Part # 124 Clevis ends C4
Part # 124 Part # 124 clevis eye end d1: Ø4
d2: M4x0.70
B: 4MM
G: 8MM
l1: 21MM
l2: 16MM

Extended length (EL2): Stroke (S)*2 +62MM/2.44" ( shortest possible )


- Private label P

Product Inquiry example:

Part # Stroke (S) MM/INCH Length (EL2) MM/INCH Force N/Lbs Damping Speed Working temp Options
114 100 / 3.94 254 / 10.00 180N/40 Normal Normal Normal
Extended length (EL) of a gas compression spring is calculated when piston rod is fully extended
Force (F1) measured with piston rod 5MM/ 0.20" compressed
Progression rate will change depending on cylinder volume
Connecting parts are interchangeable, make your own combination with the connecting parts above.
Please be advised that Extended Length EL2 will change depending on your choice of connecting parts

An integral part of our customer service is helping customers with finding a replacement gas spring for their application. As we have thousands of numbers on file, we can crossover any brand to our high industrial quality gas springs. Please enter the number you want to crossover without dots/dashes/slashes etc. and our part number will appear. Please be advised that we update this list on a daily basis, should the number you want to crossover does not give a match please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Search tip: due to a variety of forces in Lbs or N(ewton) just only enter a part number followed by the force. When a part number starts with a 0 (zero) just enter the number you want to cross reference without 0

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