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traction springs 08 23

Rod D1 Ø 8MM - Cylinder D2 Ø 23MM

traction springs 10 28

Rod D1 Ø 10MM - Cylinder D2 Ø 28MM

traction springs 10 28 damping

Rod D1 Ø 10MM - Cylinder D2 Ø 28MM
with damping

traction springs 14 40

Rod D1 Ø 14MM - Cylinder D2 Ø 40MM


About Gas Traction Springs

Gas traction springs can be found in many applications to help lifting, balancing or lowering objects without using external air or hydraulic equipment.

A gas spring consists of multiple seals, rod, piston and a cylinder filled with Nitrogen and a small amount of oil for lubrication. In many ways they work the same as a compression springs with the only difference that the rod is retracted in its start force ( F1) position.

About Gas Traction Springs

Gemini Gas Springs™ are maintenance free and ready for us and can be mounted in any direction.

Lifetime expectation of a traction spring depends on stroke length, force and number of cycles. On average the expected lifetime will be approx. 2,000 meter/6,561 ft.

Gemini Gas Traction Springs™ are available in diameters 8/23MM, 10/28MM and 14/40MM Stroke length 10MM/0.39” up to 600MM/23.62” Force range 50N/11.25Lbs to 4000N/900Lbs depending on diameter and or type. Temperature range -30°C/-22°F to 80°C/176°F, -45°C/-49°F or +200°C/+392°F

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