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About Stainless Steel Gas Springs

Gas compression springs can be found in many applications to help lifting, balancing or lowering objects without using external air or hydraulic equipment.

A gas spring consists of multiple seals, rod, piston and a cylinder filled with Nitrogen and a small amount of oil for lubrication and damping. Gemini Gas Springs™ can be built to client requirements with respect to speed, damping length and progression rate.

stainless steel gas springs

Extension speed depends on orifice diameter of the piston, damping length can be set to client requirements. Progression is the linear increase of force when compressing a gas compression spring and depends on cylinder volume.

Gemini Gas Springs™ are maintenance free and ready for us and can be mounted in any direction, when damping is required it is recommended to mount a gas compression spring with rod downwards.

On average Gemini Gas Springs™ are being tested on a lifetime of approx. 100,000 cycles. Application, stroke length and force will be a significant factor for lifetime expectation, in practice the number of cycles may exceed well over 400.000.

Gemini Gas Compression Springs™ are available in stainless steel 304 or 316 quality, diameters 6/15MM, 8/19MM, 8/23MM, 10/23MM, 10/28MM and 14/28MM.

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